Online Neidan trainings in English

This year we've started to teach English-speaking students base methods of our Center and Yuxianpai Inner Alchemy School. And there are 2 the most important things to say about it:

  1. The lessons are being hold online. It makes possible for people from almost everywhere to start learning authentic taoist methods.
  2. The students of our Online Classes are getting very good practical results, changes in their health and their life. A lot of positive feedback (for example see here and here, plus a lot of private feedbacks).

The program

On our online trainings we start with Daogong which is the base method in our Center. It lays a perfect foundation for the Alchemy methods. 

Then we continue with Traditional Yuxianpai Neidan School methods - circuits of exercises for 5 Wuxing elements represented by inner organs in human body which prepares student to the methods replanishing prenatal (vital) energy.

There also would be auxiliary methods stabilizing the students' progress.

The Accelerated group

The Accelerated group is for those of students who have experience in other methods and systems and who think they are ready to start directly with Neidan methods.

In this group the practice goes straight along with the Main Technology Line of Yuxianpai School. Individual control and corrections by the instructor. 

The conditions of learning are more strict comparing to the normal groups. 

How do I join?

Simply write a request at

We have about 4-5 free slots at the moment and we plan to open the new group in a nearest future. 

If you want to join the Acclerated group you please specify it in the email. We will make a skype call and discuss all the details.

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Данная система является очень эффективной. Во время болезни, практикуя данную систему, значительно снижаются симптомы болезни. Тяжелые нагрузки в течение дня проходят более незаметно или совсем не ощущаются. Значительно улучшается общее самочувствие. Выравниваются эмоции.

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